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Check our Direct delivery Site for exclusive SKUs in BC.

Our Direct Delivery Site

Legal Cannabis in Canada is a challenging game.  Don’t let the last steps on the way to market undo your hard work and investment.

We are standing by to manage your flowers’ last mile on its way to the consumer.  We have all the licsenses in place, excise tax, processing and sales, needed to take it all the way.  Full on-site QA, SOP’s every step of the process and recall procedures and insurance are all in place to make sure every contingency is taken care of.

Quality control, compliance, cost effectiveness – we have you covered!


we have walked the walk -we know cannabis

This is not a game for people who think cannabis is just another commodity….We know the plant, the culture and the legacy of the industry.

With all you have invested in your crop, you need to work with people who understand what quality flower is and how hard it is to grow it.  Call us to directly talk to us about your plans for products or packaging for your flower.  We are ready to optimize your profits.

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Our facility is state of the art.  We have ISO 7 rated clean rooms, full GPP compliant production rooms and secured inventory lock ups. Whether it is air shower protected worker entrances or air lock material pass throughs, every precaution has been taken to make sure your precious flower makes it through production and packaging in total quality control.

Alterna Pharma – Our medical Sales Platform

Unlike some processors, we can sell directly to qualified clients through our legal online medical sales portal.  This is an excellent back up to the some times variable recreational demand from the Provincial distribution channels.

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Exclusive Offer

Let us Register your NNCps for Free

Don’t let your flower go stale waiting for Notice of New Cannabis Product approvals.  Let us get your new products registered and ready for sale.

Our Team

We have pulled together the best team in the business to give your product its best chance of success.  We have seasoned industry professionals with first hand experience in cultivation, business, cannabis industry management and laboratory, QA and analytics.

Marshall Hauser


Sean Wilton

Chief Executive Officer

Ke Chen

Quality Assurance

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