Our Core Team

Sean Wilton

Chief Executive Officer

From early days in aerospace Sean has always been drawn to a challenge. Whether seeking solutions to complex land-development problems through novel water-treatment technologies, or establishing and applying game-changing methodologies in fish farming, he has always found answers in innovation. Sean strives to maintain extremely high standards for every facet of his broad range of knowledge and abilities, and with extensive experience ranging from local, small-scale labs to far-flung, licensed operations in Colombia, he’s ready to pilot Western Extraction into the stratosphere.


Chief Operating Officer

Daniela Vaschi has established herself as a dynamic leader, experienced in building top-performing teams and companies in fast-paced, highly regulated industries. She comes from a successful background of managing and developing business structures from the ground up and integrating teams after mergers and acquisitions, downsizing and turnarounds. Experienced in change management with a focus on organizational optimization and growth, Daniela is a reliable partner for the executive team and is passionate about developing employee strengths to bring forth restorative power to the work environment

Marshall Hauser


Marshall Hauser grew up in BC amongst West Coast cannabis culture and dreamed of one day participating in a regulated industry. He watched generations before him build the reputation of BC’s world-renowned product: the draft dodgers in the Kootenays, the hippies on Vancouver Island and everyone in the Fraser Valley where he learned the ropes. Western Extraction will benefit from the tenacity that, for the last decade, propelled Marshall as president of a thriving commercial construction company that operates throughout Western Canada. He brings with him the vision, work ethic and perseverance that helped establish Western Extraction and Frontier Pharmaco.

Dorothea Hanisch

Quality Assurance Person

Dorothea Hanisch began her career as an industrial pharmacist in the areas of regulatory compliance, quality assurance and medicinal sciences at a medium-sized pharmaceutical manufacturer in Germany. After moving to Canada, she practiced as a community pharmacist before she entered the cannabis space in 2015, focusing on QA, QC and Regulatory Affairs, including a position as Head of Laboratory at a cannabis testing laboratory on Vancouver Island. Dorothea brings with her an unappareled wealth of industry specific knowledge making her an important asset to the Western Extraction team.