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Pre-Roll Production

Utilizing Advanced RollPros Blackbird Technology and Industry Expertise to Deliver Unparalleled Efficiency, Precision, and Quality in High-Volume Pre-roll Cannabis Production.

Automated Efficiency and High Capacity

Using the advanced RollPros Blackbird machine, Western Extraction can produce up to 5,000 high-quality pre-rolls per hour, epitomizing both efficiency and precision.

Consistency in Every Roll

Our end-to-end automated process ensures uniform quality across all products. With our technology and expertise, we minimize human error and optimize material yield without sacrificing quality.

Custom Solutions

We offer deep market insight and a wide variety of pre-roll options including standard, infused, blunts, and cannabis cigarette-styled pre-rolls, catering to both existing and new Licensed Producers (LPs).

Unwavering Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is inflexible. From the density of the pack to the draw of the smoke, we adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring each pre-roll meets customer expectations for a satisfying experience.

Partner with Western Extraction for Your Pre-Roll Needs

Elevate your product line with our high-capacity, quality-focused pre-roll production. Contact us today to discuss tailored solutions for your business.