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Vape Cart Production

Utilizing State-of-the-Art Jet-Fueler Technology to Ensure Unmatched Precision, Quality, and Efficiency in Vape Cartridge Production

Advanced Technology and Efficiency

At Western Extraction, we use cutting-edge Jet-Fueler machinery for high-precision and efficient vape cartridge filling. This allows us to produce between 5,000 and 9,000 cartridges per shift without compromising quality.

Quality Control and Preservation

Our advanced temperature control maintains oil quality across three distinct heat zones. By reducing oxidation, we ensure the richness and purity of our vape flavors.

Precision and Safety

Our pharmaceutical-grade pump accurately dispenses oil, minimizing spillage and ensuring consistent fill volume. Our fluid path, made of high-quality materials, guarantees product purity from start to finish.

Operational Excellence

We employ quick, automated cleaning procedures that keep our equipment ready for continual use, reinforcing our commitment to efficiency and consistent quality.

Partner with Western Extraction for Your Vape Cartridge Needs

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